An artistic visualization of former homeless cats in Sweden, and the people who fight to give them the life they deserve. The intention with this project is to make people become aware of the problem and understand that we as cat owners are obliged to take good care of our pets.
As humans, we are responsible for the domestic cat which has become the most common pet in Sweden. Because of its low status, there are a lot of people who don’t value the cat or see it as part of the family. This is leading to constantly increasing numbers of homeless cats. It is estimated to be about 100 000 in this country that starve, freeze and suffer. More people need to become aware of the problem in order for a possible change to happen.
I have traveled to different places in Southern Sweden to portray cats and interview the amazing people who are currently taking care of them. The material I collected has resulted in an artistic visualization; a book in reportage format with content of what I have seen and the stories I have been told.

"I am willing to die to save all the cats!"

Participant at volunteer meeting in Växjö, Sweden, March 2017
"There were faeces everywhere and chickens and newly hatched chicks in a box in the kitchen. It reeked and was absolutely terrible and everything was gray with dust and other things. He held Asimi locked in the bathroom, in all of this."
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