Hello, I’m Hanna Kastl-Lungberg, a graphic designer and visual artist from Gothenburg, Sweden, currently based in Los Angeles, California. My main focus is making people happy through my colorful, bold, vibrant and playful work. I'm really good at combining colorr and shapes, I have an amazing attention to detail and I'm obsessed with things that match. I’m greatly influenced by previous decades, especially the 80s and 90s. Some other things that inspire and satisfy me are plants, alternative fashion, the sky, other peoples amazing work, the Memphis group, Hawaiian shirts, sunny days, Miami’s Art Deco district, makeup, pride and people believing in and standing up for something, postmodern architecture, the colors of scoop ice cream, my favorite playlists, terrazzo tile floors, Californian desert, botanical gardens and beautifully designed parks. I spend a lot of time in Los Angeles and when I'm not there I still do most of my work while daydreaming of the city; colorful streets, a creative atmosphere and endless amounts of palm trees.
Bachelor in fine arts - 
design with focus on sustainable development
Design & interior design
Form & design