Surface Design
I have created patterns and print design for clothing such as dresses, t-shirts, jackets, socks and swim- and sportswear, and other products like towels, water bottles, tech accessories and watches. I listen to the client and then I make a pattern unique to my style but mixed with their wishes, and it always have a happy outcome.
Art Prints
My art prints are what made my career as an artist and designer take off. I became a top-seller on the American print-on-demand site Society6 early on and since then I've been selling my work has been sold as fine art prints through a number of resellers, both big and small.
Repeat Patterns
Repeat, or seamless, patterns are perfect for clothing and various other products. I have a pattern portfolio of mixed styles, as my expression and skillset has grown and developed over the years, and I enjoyed creating every single one of them.
Photography and Content Creation
I often observe my surroundings, I can see interesting still scenes in the streets and notice something special in objects, simply because of a shape or a color. Whenever I do I make sure I find the best angle and snap a picture. There are aesthetically pleasing things to see almost anywhere, you just need to look up and be willing to receive it.
Graphic Design
My good eye for detail and composition, in this case of text, images, color and illustration, makes me a great versatile designer. I can make anything from books, brand identities, packaging and posters to other graphic material.
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