​​​​​​​Utility box art for the city of Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles, CA. Location: Van Nuys blvd / Hatteras st intersection.​​​​​​​
“I’ve been wanting to paint a mural for some time but I’ve never had experience in anything like that. I was so positively surprised by people’s reactions while painting. Almost everybody that walked by said something about it! The box is located right by a red light so a lot of people in cars were giving positive feedback while waiting and the ones that didn’t stop they shouted while driving by or honked and gave a thumbs up. All different kinds of people showed interest, which I thought was really cool. A lot of them said thank you for your art and some expressed how much they appreciate that we help beautify our city, it was really encouraging. The feedback I’ve gotten on instagram has been absolutely amazing too, people are being very supportive!”
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